Chocolate Chip Cookies Buy 1 Get 1 Free in-store (Excluding December and Valentine's) Chocolate Chip Cookies Buy 1 Get 1 Free in-store (Excluding December and Valentine's)


The Chocolate Shoppe
1392 N Pleasantburg Dr
Lake Forest Shopping Center
Greenville, SC 29607

Just off of highway 291 directly
across from Bob Jones University.

Monday - Friday: 9-6
Saturday: 10-5

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The Chocolate Shoppe specializes in soft, home-made cookies, made fresh hourly! We offer a variety of delectable treats that can be customized into gift ideas or simply devoured individually!

Chocolate Chip
An American Favorite, this popular cookie consists of chocolate chip morsels that melt in your mouth and are sure to put a smile on your face!
$1.10 each, $13.20 a dozen

Pecan Chocolate Chip
Satisfy your craving by uniting the perfect blend of chocolate and pecans!
$1.10 and $13.20 a dozen

Snicker Doodle
A soft, light, cookie, topped with cinnamon!
$1.10 each, $13.20 a dozen

Raisin Oatmeal
A brilliant mix of raisins and oatmeal! Also a low fat option.
$1.10 each, $13.20 a dozen

Country Oatmeal
A tasteful combination of coconut, cornflakes, and oatmeal.
$1.10 each, $13.20 a dozen

A soft, buttery cookie… no extras, just GOOD!
$1.10 each, $13.20 a dozen
White Chocolate Chip
White chocolate morsels packed into a soft cookie. A white chocolate lovers dream come true!
$1.10 each, $13.20 a dozen

White Chocolate Chip Pecan
White chocolate morsels mixed with the finest pecans from Georgia.
$1.10 and $13.20 a dozen

Peanut Butter
Loaded with the highest quality creamy peanut butter to satisfy all of your hunger!
$1.10 each, $13.20 a dozen
Dark Chocolate Chunk
A buttery cookie filled with dark chocolate chunks.
$1.10 each, $13.20 a dozen

Soft, rich, fudge- chocolate brownies iced in a chocolate icing. These are perfect to satisfy the ultimate chocolate cravings!
.90 cents each, $10.80 a dozen

Magic Bars
A rich, layered cookie consisting of a graham cracker base, chocolate chips, coconut, and topped with pecans.
$1.10 and $13.20 a dozen
Large Personalized Cookie Cakes:



Servings (3 in. Squares)


$ 14.00



$ 16.50



$ 19.50



$ 23.00


13” x 18”

$ 27.00


18” x 26”

$ 50.00



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